10 Kid-Friendly Spook-tacular Halloween Activities

10 Kid-Friendly Spook-tacular Halloween Activities

The most boo-tiful time of the year is here.

And although a pandemic forced us to skip trick-or-treating last year....

It had a silver lining:

It also forced us to be extra creative when it came to Halloween activities.

Plus, no trick-or-treating meant less sugar-filled candy = less cavities = less unnecessary trips to the dentist.

So if you're looking to keep the sugar monster this year under control and tame your kiddo's sweet tooth

Here are 11 Halloween activities you can do with the kiddos that are just as fun and sweet without the sugar! 


1.Witches’ Brew Water Play 

Perfect for toddlers, this Witches’ Brew Halloween Water Play combines water, costumes, and singing. And believe us, once your little one starts singing the cute and spooky, “Stirring my Witches Brew” song, you’ll wanna have that camera ready! 

2.Halloween Slime

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s slime. And these Halloween Slime Jars are the perfect combination of spooky and fun! They can be used for play, decoration, or even given as a “treat” for trick-or-treaters who stop by. Talk about an easy way to limit the sugar and help your kiddo’s teeth!

3.Sensory Bin with a Spooky Twist

Sensory Bins are a great way to mix play with learning. They allow toddlers to explore with their senses through hands-on play. Plus, they can keep kids entertained (and out of the kitchen cabinets!) for hours — all in the name of learning of course. 

This Halloween Sensory Bin is a great example of how a simple idea can become a big hit!

4.Pumpkin Toss

How about some good ‘ol pumpkin toss! Pumpkin Toss is a fun game for a Halloween Party, or any day of this spook-tacular month. Get a game of Pumpkin Toss going and watch your little one’s competitive side come out!

5.Pumpkin Painting

What’s a beautiful fall season without a little pumpkin painting? It’s easier than pumpkin carving and still loads of fun. And much cleaner too! 

But if the word “paint” still makes you think, “Oh no,” then give this No Mess Pumpkin Painting for Kids a shot. Go get those pumpkins, paint, and let the imagination take over!

6.Halloween Stamp Art

For another artistic activity, try this Halloween Stamp Art. All you need are Halloween cookie cutters, paint, and construction paper to watch your kiddo’s art come to life. 

Display their masterpiece on the kitchen fridge, or consider making Halloween Cards to send out to family and friends. 

7.Bat Headband

Creating a Bat Headband is an easy after school activity to celebrate the season. It can also be a great time to learn about bats or tell spooky stories!

8.Halloween Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is always fun! But with a little spooky music, Halloween costumes, and a cauldron full of Kid-Friendly Witches’ Brew, this game just went from spectacular to spook-tacular!

9.Ghost Piñata

Making a Mini Ghost Piñata is a great way to think outside the box. It challenges our DIY skills and creativity! Plus, it helps us get into the Halloween spirit with ghostly homemade decor. 

10.Spooky Bonfire

Halloween music with smores — need we say more?

That’s it Picky Parents. We hope you have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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