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Renzo's Starter Pack Sample

Renzo's Starter Pack Sample

Renzo's Starter Pack Sample

  • Description
  • This is a great option to see if your picky eater likes Renzo's before you commit to a full-size order.

    Each Sample Pack contains the following:

    1 packet (2 Melty Tabs) of each:

    • Picky Eater Multi
    • Iron Strong
    • Bright & Brainy B6
    • Dynamite D3
    • Yummy Tummy Probiotic 

What comes with this Starter Pack?

1. Two Melty Tabs filled with the world’s most wholesome vitamins and minerals
2. Two of the world’s safest, most gentle-on-the-tummy Iron Melty Tabs
3. Two Melty Tabs to make kids brilliant and full of energy
4. Sunshine vitamins - aka Melty Tabs of yummy D3 to make bones and teeth super strong!

You want your kids to be healthy. We want our vitamins to be as safe as possible.

Because of Dr. Rocca’s background as a pharmaceutical scientist, we go above and beyond typical testing measures to ensure that our products are safe. In fact, all of our ingredients are fully traceable and we know the manufacturers on a first name basis.

Picky Eater Money Back Guarantee

We know kids can have ‘refined palates,’ so we made it extra easy to give Renzo’s a try. If your child doesn’t like our tasty dissolvable vitamins, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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