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Winter Veggies Your Kid Will Love

When it comes to eating, the first few months of baby life is pretty sweet. All they want to do is eat, poop and sleep. And even though we parents are still overwhelmed and worn out at least we aren’t dealing with a picky eater - yet.

Once your child gets into the world of solid food, it is super important that you get them used to a variety of tastes and flavors! Especially vegetables. Picky eaters aren’t born, they are made. So as soon as your child can eat, offer them plenty of nutritious foods. Even if certain veggies and fruits don’t taste great to you, remember your child had nothing to compare it to yet!

If you incorporate vegetables early, your child will grow accustomed to them and be less likely to become a picky eater. Plus, giving them veggies early can help you figure out if they have any sensitivity or food allergies. There are several methods you can try to introduce vegetables to kids but if you choose something which is soothing to eat it will ease into it with little fuss.

Winter veggies are in full swing right now, and they are filled with nutrients your child needs. We’ve put together a list of awesome veggies that are currently in season! Check out the best winter vegetables for kids below :-)

Sweet Potatoes

Winter Veggies For Kids

Can you really go wrong with sweet potatoes? This yummy veggie tastes amazing is soft to chew and is loaded with Vitamin C and beta-carotene. It is one of the most popular vegetables for kids because of sweet taste and creamy texture. Mash it up and serve it parents!


Winter Veggies For Kids

Squash is in for winter season, particularly butternut and acorn squash versions. This is an excellent food because it is sweet and soft like sweet potatoes. Squash contains a lot of fiber, vitamins, and calcium without making your child fill too full. They come in a wide variety so feel free to experiment a bit and see what your child likes best!


Winter Veggies For Kids

Carrots are another kid-friendly vegetable that is full of Vitamin A, B, and C plus it has calcium to help build strong bones. It is also embedded with potassium and is said to help develop your child eyesight. The best part is, you can cook the carrot in your home and mash it up without adding any ingredients. Or you can serve it raw and most kids will eat it on its own. Add a side of hummus to make the snack more interesting.


Winter Veggies For Kids

Broccoli has a long time history of being hated by children everywhere, however, this winter veggies is one they should get used to eating. Broccoli is a rich source of Vitamin C and fiber! Many kids will eat broccoli as a finger food, especially if you include a dip such as ranch or other salad dressing. It can also be easily be introduced along with other more accepted foods like mac n cheese or pasta dishes. Some kids and babies like it when it is served steamed - just make sure you teach them to let it cool off first!


Written by Nicky Dawkins


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