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The Ten Best Mommy and Me Costumes

Halloween is getting closer! If you and your kids are planning to head out into your neighborhood in costumes this year, you won’t be alone!

Over 40 million kids will go treat-or-treating this year according to U.S. Census Bureau, and that even doesn’t include the parents that will be joining them. That’s a lot of Halloween costumes to compete with. And naturally, many of us will end up in the same looks which can get a little confusing.  

Mommy and me or family costumes not only make Halloween more entertaining, but it is also a great way to set your family apart. Plus, it will probably make it easier for you to find your kids in the sea of trick-or-treaters! And you might even score more candy - hopefully, some healthier candies too - as a unified group. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cute family of bears to show up at their door?

Dressing alike may have seemed corny to us before we became parents, but group costumes can become a fun tradition for the whole family. And there are plenty of ideas and options for group costumes that don’t require a ton of effort.  You can make creating your own family Halloween costumes a DIY project that everyone does together. Or, you can just buy them online - no judgment. 

We searched social media to put together our top favorite mommy and me and family Halloween costumes that you can try this year:

Mermaid Twins:

Mommy and Me Costumes

I mean, how cute is this? This mermaid look is perfect for mothers and daughters. If you live in a place that is warm year round, this costume is the perfect way to stand out!

The Incredibles:

Mommy and Me Costumes

Who wouldn't want to give candy to this family of superheroes? If you have a big family with kids of multiple ages, this costume idea is genius!

Cop and Baby Donut:

Mommy and Me Costumes

Halloween is all about poking some fun! This cop and donut costume is a great idea for new moms and will definitely get a few laughs along the way! 

Avocado Baby

Mommy and Me Costumes

Soon-to-be moms can get in on the fun with this is a super creative costume! A perfect way to show off that belly and score some candy for your cravings. 

Sun, Rain, and Rainbow

Mommy and Me Costumes

Now, this costume is definitely one of the most original DIY ideas. We all love to see a little rainbow after the storm!

The Flintstones

Mommy and Me Costumes

This classic cartoon family actually make for a great family costume! This look is a real crowd pleaser and great for smaller families of 4 or less. 

Starbucks Barista and Frappuccino

Mommy and Me Costumes

We parents thrive of caffeine, so why not incorporate our favorite caffeinated drinks into a fun mommy and me costume? Just add sugar :-)

Baker and Baby Cupcake

Mommy and Me Costumes

If you are a babywearing mama, then you have to consider this baker and cupcake costume! Everyone loves cupcakes and everyone love babies, so this look is a no-brainer.

Pirate and Parrot

Mommy and Me Costumes

Dressing up as a pirate for Halloween is a classic, but add an adorable baby parrot into the mix and it's the perfect family look. Don't forget to bring some crackers!

Witch and Kitten

Mommy and Me Costumes

Halloween wouldn't be the same without a few good witches running around! And every witch, of course, has to have her black cat in tow. Meow!


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